Generation Disruption


FOMO or “fear of missing out”,

Is the new form of social anxiety.

Cruising the Social Media highway,

With our compulsive cell checking.


Am I liked, have I new followers?

We constantly check our status.

Our need for frequent reassurance,

This irrational tapping obsession.


Engaged in our connected digital era,

In reality we miss out on the present.

Hooked up to multiple screens,

We drown in this immersive experience.


In this tangled web of technology,

There really is no social balance.

This is the future imperfect,

Feeling anxious, irritated & inadequate.


We navigate the crowded digital freeway,

Embracing layers of social networks.

Earning social capital with digital assets,

Improving our social media ranking.


We just can’t be alone anymore,

In this always connected world.

Intense engagement and connection,

Blending social stalking with peer reviews.


Checking our cells while driving,

An insatiable need for digital connection,

More important than our own lives,

Introspection impossible by  rapid response.

We are Generation Disruption.

“The Social Media as ROCKSTARS Awards”….and the winner is……..


AND the Social Media as ROCKSTARS winner of the year IS …..

** drumroll **

OFCOURSE I knew you’d guessed it…. That’s right “Snapchat” – twerking away as no other than Rockstar Miley Cyrus!!

CONGRATS to the youngest upstart of Social Media, a clear winner with teens. Snapchat stuck her tongue out in defiance and gave the finger to all the valley moguls seeking to buy her. Respect girl! This independent lady with youth on her side knows how to attract attention – she’s snappy, she exposes all AND she knows exactly what she wants! The Social Media star to watch in 2014 …Go Snapchat & no better appointed Rockstar award! That was your Oscar ROCKSTAR moment.

Now unless you live on another planet ( No I am NOT talking about my real family) you will ofcourse know that it’s the time of the year to SHOW OFF & last night I schmoozed with the elite of the computer industry and online communities – the so called “Digiterati”  (Get it…Digital + Karate.) putting it all out  there on the red carpet for the latest silicon breasted awards  – “Social media stars as Rockstars!!” *  The most connected ironic iconic awards of 2014…& so….February is so the new December for Awards.

Social Media veteran Facebook (FB) – who was still celebrating his mega ten year birthday in this flash in the pan business. FB took the Social Media Rockstar Award as Jumping Jack Flash. Believe me you’ve got to hand it to this old Social Media rocker – although he’s looking a bit ropy and wrinkly around the edges and let’s not mince words here, frankly showing his age – FB still attracts the ladies – admittedly desperately lonely middle-aged women who just want to be liked. (Ouch I know! ….hey am paid to spill it as it is!)

FB’s younger “adopted” sister Instagram, OOH la la!  Well let’s just say, she sure has a lot of front! She won the award as best Rockstar Katy Perry.  Another super award cos this Instagram star girl was born to pose for any camera AND she kissed a few girls at last night’s performance and sure seemed to like it.  Naughty but my kinda gal. BFF.

Looking right back atcha bitch girl was the other Social Media Star, Pinterest. At first she thought she hadn’t won but proudly took the Rockstar award as no other than Taylor Swift. This sweet girl oozes style swiftly pinning and planning everyone’s life as if she’s living in one big continuous high school project and she’s in charge. (Yawn a bit as I bore myself. As I said, Sweet girl really!)

Twitter won the most surprising award of the night as Rockstar Boy George. (Yeah …me TOO!!) He chirped on most of the night in short often incoherent bursts. The rumours circulating were that Twitter has been in recovery mode for a while. Say No more. A bit of a karma chameleon me thinks!! (Oh just look it up!)

Google + ….she looked…well one word really, a jaw dropping WOW! As you all know she’s the daughter of big shot Google  ( aka The Don) and he’s gonna do everything in his power to make the world just love his little girl. Google + practically grabbed the Rockstar award as the bootylicious Boyance.  Looking REAL good girl and let’s face it, her daddy’s rich and she’s younger & better looking that Facebook and a lot better connected. Crystal ball time.

Finally Linkedin, the other older Social Media star won the obvious award as bona fided Rockstar Bono. Grinning from ear to ear this old hand professional networked the room all night  AND seemed to be very getting friendly with Google +’s father & Facebook. It looks like these three titans were hatching a plan or were they discussing the latest snooping by the National Security Agency where big brother is clearly watching us all now with the help of these Social Media stars. ( Opps have said too much already ….  Ehh time to get out of here)

This is Roger Smith reporting from  the “Social Media as Rockstars” Awards – go spread the word baby and be be-autiful, always be be-autiful, cos let’s face it AHEM, no one wants to look at an ugly bitch. Just saying it as it is…Love in lightyears.


A big thank you to our FAVOURITE alien guest reporter Roger Smith who mixed & mingled & disguised himself at least three times while he bitched and schadenfreuded to bring us this special report on the big global Social Media stars receiving their latest awards!

* (NO pls don’t tell me you are reading this cos u want me to explain the concept…eehhh Social Media Stars who act like their f**kin Rockstars…)

Bad Business Bladder


Bad Business Bladder

The business field reaps a rich harvest of flimflam,

Busy workers hiding behind corporate buzzwords,

Plastering defensive walls with bombastic jargon,

A tribal language cloaked in arrogance and clichés.

Tying their striking neck bows with sticky red tape.


In ceremonial meetings chaired by high earners,

Sales people churn out hackneyed phrases,

These business slang stalwarts with all their bling,

Bluffing and puffing and blowing the house down,

Silent killers armed with their deadly PowerPoints.


Figurative and elusive in their choice of language,

Executives sling hyperbole quick off the tongue,

Aided by market research and biased opinion polls,

Big data generates melodramatic hyped gibberish,

Bullshit dumped on yet another inane info graphic.


Blowing smoke up asses yet badmouthing each other,

Covering up information by digging graves for the truth,

Directors hide behind inflated egos and phony smiles,

Misrepresenting the facts to cover their dirty tracks,

Nursing fat bellies while sitting on anorexic bottom lines.


Honesty rarely works within this brain-numbing world,

Crafty, with their key takeaways and low hanging fruit –

 It’s all a buy in! Bladdering away keeping up pretenses,

Spineless wimps creating hell for their subordinates,

Climbing crumbling career ladders to Nowhere Land.

© Maz Tracey 

This poem was inspired by a great tweet from @Jeff Bullas (a prolific award winning Australian Social Media writer) on the topic of “business jargon”.

There are a lot of unhealthy work cultures and bad leaders out there – check out this power video on leadership with Simon Sinek  – it’s the antidote to my poem 🙂

“Serve those who serve others”

SPOOKY……Could we be travelling on Route 666?


Could we be travelling on Route 666?

Enter the digital marketplace,

Hyperlinked retail in space,

No need for bricks or mortar,

Always on and always open.


Fuelled by emerging technology,

Connecting buyers with sellers,

Trading down digital corridors,

Earth shrinks to small world.


Affiliated shop front windows,

Curating products on multiple sites,

Consumers advocate merchandise,

The digital shopper so switched on.


Browsing tablets in their hands,

Thumbs navigate their digital journey,

Minds occupied with connections,

Lined to a mobile support system.


Search algorithms seek keywords,

Hunters never click past first page,

Screening price and benefit,

What’s your story, what’s your price?


Consumerism now community based,

Blogging and sharing information,

Remarketing social content for free,

A new self-centred “me” engagement.


Addictive trips on crowded highways,

Constantly hell-riding the social web,

Digital lifestyles create beastly chaos,

Could we be travelling on Route 666?

© Maz Tracey 2013

My Addiction


My Addiction

When you wake me in the morning,

I caress your lovely face,

Ours is an intimate relationship,

You and I constantly together,

You are my addiction.


You are smart, you are connected,

With you, I’m never bored,

You know all my friends,

I would be lost without you,

You are my addiction.


I await your calls, your emails,

Your tweets and updates.

I check them all the time,

On the bus and with my friends,

You are my addiction.


We shop together, play together,

You help me all the time,

You’re my best friend,

The holder of my secrets,

You are my addiction.


When I hold you in my hands,

You make me feel secure,

We travel everywhere as one,

We are constantly connected,

You are my addiction.


You keep me so informed.

If I lost you, I’d lose my mind,

My existence matters with you,

My indispensable Samsung Galaxy,

You are my addiction.

© Maz Tracey 2013

#The Cookie Story


#The Cookie Story

To misquote Margaret Thatcher

“These cookies are not for dunking”

Instead of filling us with calories

They can bloat the ad mans’ salaries.


A digital cookie of the non-fat variety

Is text saved on your computer,

Collecting crumbs of information,

Tracking movements when online.


 It knows your name and where you live,

What gender you are, what you like,

No need to retype passwords,

This one smart cookie knows it all.


 This cool cookie predicts our needs,

Like looking for discounted cars,

Or those shoes with see-through plastic heels,

Tracking purchases and all ads clicked.


 So when you feel your computer reads you,

It´s just cookies feeding sites with data,

Predicting and anticipating future needs,

Customising user experience, and that’s all good.


 But even cookies become exploited,

Shared and sold by companies to junk mailers,

Selling your private information to ad men,

Who send those interfering annoying ads.


Remember your movements can be tracked online.

So to remove “remarketing ads” and end their glory,

Regularly empty your cache and history holder,

And that´s the moral of the cookie story!