SPOOKY……Could we be travelling on Route 666?


Could we be travelling on Route 666?

Enter the digital marketplace,

Hyperlinked retail in space,

No need for bricks or mortar,

Always on and always open.


Fuelled by emerging technology,

Connecting buyers with sellers,

Trading down digital corridors,

Earth shrinks to small world.


Affiliated shop front windows,

Curating products on multiple sites,

Consumers advocate merchandise,

The digital shopper so switched on.


Browsing tablets in their hands,

Thumbs navigate their digital journey,

Minds occupied with connections,

Lined to a mobile support system.


Search algorithms seek keywords,

Hunters never click past first page,

Screening price and benefit,

What’s your story, what’s your price?


Consumerism now community based,

Blogging and sharing information,

Remarketing social content for free,

A new self-centred “me” engagement.


Addictive trips on crowded highways,

Constantly hell-riding the social web,

Digital lifestyles create beastly chaos,

Could we be travelling on Route 666?

© Maz Tracey 2013

Seeking digital enlightenment


Seeking digital enlightenment

Within this digital gold-rush,

In this culture of immediacy,

Even the Dala Lama tweets.


Dylan sang about changin’ “times”,

In our connected digital world,

It’s “people” that are  “a changin’ ”.


Finger tapping is the new dance,

On the bus and even on the street,

Heads bowed in worship to a new god.


The digital Pied Piper plays his tune,

Children tick his magic “like”,

Zuckered into spending too much time online.


A connected world for shadowy sharing,

Awash with bloggers and home-made videos,

Full of self-indulgent dull activity.


Social networks, online communities,

Big brands busy chasing cyber income,

From a more connected purchaser.


Wonder at this fast-connected world,

Real-time data at your fingertips,

A seismic social enlightening shifting.


This social media makes people talk,

Sharing stories to explain their world,

Sending cat videos, while sitting on the loo.


A more open social relationship,

Where people talk and share,

The era of freedom communication.


This digital explosion has happened,

Disruption media is everywhere,

Connect, join up and unite together.


No more “talkin’ ‘bout a Revolution”,

“Pass me my tablet doctor”

I’m gonna join this tribal revolution.

© Maz Tracey 2013