Bad Business Bladder


Bad Business Bladder

The business field reaps a rich harvest of flimflam,

Busy workers hiding behind corporate buzzwords,

Plastering defensive walls with bombastic jargon,

A tribal language cloaked in arrogance and clichés.

Tying their striking neck bows with sticky red tape.


In ceremonial meetings chaired by high earners,

Sales people churn out hackneyed phrases,

These business slang stalwarts with all their bling,

Bluffing and puffing and blowing the house down,

Silent killers armed with their deadly PowerPoints.


Figurative and elusive in their choice of language,

Executives sling hyperbole quick off the tongue,

Aided by market research and biased opinion polls,

Big data generates melodramatic hyped gibberish,

Bullshit dumped on yet another inane info graphic.


Blowing smoke up asses yet badmouthing each other,

Covering up information by digging graves for the truth,

Directors hide behind inflated egos and phony smiles,

Misrepresenting the facts to cover their dirty tracks,

Nursing fat bellies while sitting on anorexic bottom lines.


Honesty rarely works within this brain-numbing world,

Crafty, with their key takeaways and low hanging fruit –

 It’s all a buy in! Bladdering away keeping up pretenses,

Spineless wimps creating hell for their subordinates,

Climbing crumbling career ladders to Nowhere Land.

© Maz Tracey 

This poem was inspired by a great tweet from @Jeff Bullas (a prolific award winning Australian Social Media writer) on the topic of “business jargon”.

There are a lot of unhealthy work cultures and bad leaders out there – check out this power video on leadership with Simon Sinek  – it’s the antidote to my poem 🙂

“Serve those who serve others”