Generation Disruption


FOMO or “fear of missing out”,

Is the new form of social anxiety.

Cruising the Social Media highway,

With our compulsive cell checking.


Am I liked, have I new followers?

We constantly check our status.

Our need for frequent reassurance,

This irrational tapping obsession.


Engaged in our connected digital era,

In reality we miss out on the present.

Hooked up to multiple screens,

We drown in this immersive experience.


In this tangled web of technology,

There really is no social balance.

This is the future imperfect,

Feeling anxious, irritated & inadequate.


We navigate the crowded digital freeway,

Embracing layers of social networks.

Earning social capital with digital assets,

Improving our social media ranking.


We just can’t be alone anymore,

In this always connected world.

Intense engagement and connection,

Blending social stalking with peer reviews.


Checking our cells while driving,

An insatiable need for digital connection,

More important than our own lives,

Introspection impossible by  rapid response.

We are Generation Disruption.