#The Cookie Story


#The Cookie Story

To misquote Margaret Thatcher

“These cookies are not for dunking”

Instead of filling us with calories

They can bloat the ad mans’ salaries.


A digital cookie of the non-fat variety

Is text saved on your computer,

Collecting crumbs of information,

Tracking movements when online.


 It knows your name and where you live,

What gender you are, what you like,

No need to retype passwords,

This one smart cookie knows it all.


 This cool cookie predicts our needs,

Like looking for discounted cars,

Or those shoes with see-through plastic heels,

Tracking purchases and all ads clicked.


 So when you feel your computer reads you,

It´s just cookies feeding sites with data,

Predicting and anticipating future needs,

Customising user experience, and that’s all good.


 But even cookies become exploited,

Shared and sold by companies to junk mailers,

Selling your private information to ad men,

Who send those interfering annoying ads.


Remember your movements can be tracked online.

So to remove “remarketing ads” and end their glory,

Regularly empty your cache and history holder,

And that´s the moral of the cookie story!